Where Should You Get Your Oil Changed? Fredericktown Chevrolet Of Course!

What You Need to Know about Getting an Oil Change in Fredericktown, OH


When it comes to getting an oil change in Fredericktown, OH, there's a lot to know. What type of filter do you use? What kind of oil does my car take? What's the difference between synthetic and conventional and why do dealers use synthetic? There are a lot of questions, so let's get started!

What Type of Filter do You Use?


When it comes to choosing a filter for your vehicle, it is always best to first consult your owner's manual. Next, you should consider for how long you will drive between oil changes. A common distance is 3000 miles but some cars can go for 6000 miles and more. If you are going more than 6000 miles between oil changes then you absolutely must buy an extended life filter. If you buy a regular 3000-mile filter then you must replace it after 3000 miles. If you don't, then your engine will burn sludge that has built up over time and the life-line of your engine will immediately shorten.

What Kind of Oil does my Car Take?


When it comes to buying anything for your car, where is the best place to look? That's right, the owner's manual! The owner's manual should tell you the right viscosity of oil to buy for your vehicle. It should also tell you the amount of oil required to put in your vehicle. 4-cylinder engines tend to take about 5-quarts of oil while a 6-cylinder engine can take up to six. It is important to understand the oil that your vehicle takes and buy the right one. Oil can be bought at any auto parts store in Fredericktown, OH, but many grocery stores and gas stations also carry it.

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What's the Difference between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil?


Synthetic oil is actually conventional oil altered for better durability and efficiency. Synthetic oil is refined, distilled, purified and broken down to its basic molecules for optimal performance. While synthetic oil is more expensive, it is better for your vehicle and reduces wear on your engine. Since conventional oil breaks down faster than synthetic oil, not only do you have to change it more often but it sludges up faster and can eventually cause engine problems.


Why do Dealerships use Synthetic Oil?


Dealerships use synthetic oil because they are car people. They care about your satisfaction and maintaining the quality of your vehicle. Since synthetic oil doesn't break down as fast and is better for your vehicle, it is the standard oil used at dealerships. If you were to go to some other auto body shop in Fredericktown, OH, they may cost less because they are giving you a lower quality oil that is not good for your engine. Don't skimp on quality, stop by your local Fredericktown, OH dealership and receive the top-rate service you deserve.

How do I Change my Oil?

So, you want to change your oil yourself? Good idea! A lot of people change their oil themselves to save a few bucks and to ensure that they're getting the quality vehicle parts that they deserve. If you are interested in changing your own oil, you will need to buy oil, a new filter, have an oil catch pan handy, purchase a filter wrench or something to help take your filter off, have a towel or two and, if your car requires it, you will need a new oil pan plug. After you have gathered the supplies, follow the simple instructions below!

  • Position oil catch container under your oil pan
  • Remove oil pan plug
  • Clean up around the plug and put the old/new plug in
  • Position oil catch container under filter
  • Remove filter
  • Clean area around removed filter
  • Lubricate rim of new filter and fill with oil
  • Attach new filter
  • Find spot to add oil in engine block
  • Add your oil
  • Check to see if there is enough oil
  • Recycle old oil!


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